All Categories Release Notes V2.1 - 20th June 2023

V2.1 - 20th June 2023

Here is what's new in build version, June 20, 2023

New Features implemented:

  • Option to choose different specific Password Managers;

Major Improvements applied:

  • General Login flow improvements;

  • *db. SQLite updated;

  • Autofocus input field + Enter in resource creation form;

Bug Fixes:

  • Minor UI issues when screen types buttons does not fit in Screen Editor;

  • Workspace stuck when opening *.json data file;

  • Minor issues when running software without network;

  • Support form does not appear anymore was fixed;

  • Text cursor not always visible in input field when editing or creating Workspace/Proxy;

SHA256 Hash:
Windows Installer - 9b1a261e373b6e7ee17eb9c29af17f38a871ba53e916be27218071ac21e71039
Linux Installer - 299998d28ff15f3b37e3540c53130352f7ace3b836c66e805413a79fee445823

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