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Installing BricoBrowser on Windows

Firstly, visit the BricoBrowser Download Center to download the latest version of the BricoBrowser for your device.

image.pngWe recommend that you download and save the file in your computer prior to start the install.

  • Installation

    Start the installation process by locating the (downloaded) installer, and double-click the file.

    You may receive a message from the Windows User Account Control functionality, confirming you want to allow changes to the System: Click Yes to proceed with the installation

    1. Installation Wizard starts click [Next] button to continue with the installation.


    2. Choose the directory where You would like to install BricoBrowser by pressing [Browse] or leave default as it is and click [Next] button.


    3. Click [Next] at 'Select Components' step, because required dependencies already selected for You.


    4. Read, and accept the End User License Agreement to continue.


    5. Select the Start Menu shortcuts in which you would like to create the program's shortcuts or leave as it is and click [Next]


    6. Application is ready to install. Press [Install] to start the process.


    7. Click the [Finish] button to exit the Setup Wizard once installation is concluded.


  • Launch the application

BricoBrowser shortcut appears in your desktop, double-click the file to launch the application.


BricoBrowser will add a shortcut on your desktop.
You can also access it from the Start menu or pin it to the taskbar.
No possibility to set BricoBrowser as your default web browser.

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